Most of the time when new Call of Duty DLC is released, I don’t get that excited if I’m honest, the maps are too often similar and never seem to bring that anything new to the game, however with the new Revolution DLC I started out quite optimistic, hoping that Treyarch had finally come up with something interesting.

One of the first maps in the DLC is called Grind, which has been based on your typical skatepark, with the usual ramps and curved surfaces, which makes for some pretty tight angles and a ton of exposure points, leaving very few places to hide during a game, which is in most ways good and some ways bad.

Mirage however is completely different map, with defensive window lookouts with typical sniper points, if you use a lot of sniper rifles online this map is probably the one for you, however if you prefer to run around with an assault rifle or SMG you probably want to try one of the other 3 maps.

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Downhill is the name off the next map on the list, which is a snow filled Alpine setting which looks a lot like one of the more traditional maps from previous games, within the map there’s an automated cable card that make their way through a central resort building, this provides good mobile cover whilst making your way to the center of the map.

Once your outside the map you are taken into a nice open region,, with tons of rocks and trees that can be used as cover, making the map great for more or less any game type or loadout.

Hydro is another map that uses a moving element within, set in a water treatment plant there’s a ton of small areas to constantly get into close-quarters battles, making it great for anyone looking to level up a shotgun. But this map will also cater for the snipers, with an elevated walkway making for a great spot, this will have to be defended from both sides however.

One of the places you should probably watch out for however is the central waterway, which as you might have guess will be periodically flushed out with water, meaning instant death for any player caught in the action, you be get a fair warning but it does still manage to take out a few stray players.


However one of the biggest additions in the DLC (in my opinion anyway), is the new Peacekeeper SMG, which is the first downloadable weapon to be on offer ever. No other game has had the same offering within a DLC pack.

The Peacekeeper brings a lot to the table, with the portability and quickness of an SMG combined with a great range and a huge kick, the only problem is when going one on one with someone using the same gun, is as you probably already know quite unreliable and with the Peacekeeper being an SMG a lot of players currently own it, and I can see the gun becoming quite an annoying feature in the coming weeks.

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Alongside all of this, Activision have also included a new game mode called Turned which allows gamers to play as zombie and brings the mode that little closer to other titles such as Halo’s Infected.

Turrned is a four-player competitive mode that will pit three player-controlled zombies against a single human player, the aim is to kill the human and earn points, or if you are the human you must survive for the longest time possible, you start with a shotgun as standard, working your way up for each kill.

Which sounds good on paper, but can become quite boring for those playing as the zombie. Constantly running up to your single human target only to find your already dead and need to respawn, it is also only playable on the small Diner map, which means the player can simple camp and wait for the kills to come running in.

The new DLC in my opinion is all too much the same, the maps are well made don’t get me wrong, but I am yet to see something that truly impressed me. In fact the only part of this DLC that is truly worth being excited about is the Peacekeeper, which I am not sure constitutes 1200MSPs.

Of course no matter what I say, the Call of Duty fanboys will still go out and purchase this DLC, but if you want my advice steer clear. It’s simple nowhere near worth a forth of the actual game price and within a couple of weeks most players are likely to go back to the standard maps anyway.

Save yourself a tenner and go buy and ice cream or something.

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