Treyarch have done it again with their latest co-produced Call of Duty title in conjunction with Activision, Black Ops 2 a title which has defiantly delivered something the title has been lacking.

This time around you play as a mix between David Mason (Alex Mason’s son) and Frank Woods, but not at the same time as with usual Black Ops titles you play as each character separately as you play between The Cold War and missions with the modern 2025 era, during both of which you will however fight against the same villain, Rual Mendez who has set up an organisation named Cordis Die.

The aim of this organisation? Like most villains Mendez plans to destroy a world and all responsible within it after the death of his sister, which brings us onto the main part of the story.

During the game you will venture through certain objectives, gradually finding out who exactly is responsible for her death, which starts out a little confusing with the story pointing the figure at a bunch of different people as the campaign plays out, this helps keep the story alive during the campaign keeping you on your toes and forever guessing how the whole thing might play out.

Eventually you do find out the answer, obviously but until then the campaign is full of these little twist, forever asking if the decisions you make will turn out to become something terrible.

The decisions come in the form of various choices you have to make during the course of the campaign, where you must make what seems like small decisions at the time but they turn out to have huge consequences.

The world really is in your hands.

Another new introduction within the campaign is something Treyarch call Strike Force missions, these are optional objectives which are to be completed in order to further change the course of the overall story, kind of like what Bioware did with Mass Effect 3.

However even though these should be done there not exactly enjoyable, frankly I found them extremely boring and something that should have had more work and thought before Treyarch released the game itself.

Within you simply order a team of vehicles and troops around the map in order to stop enemy forces from attacking certain points within such map, the main problem however is that even though Treyarch call these mission “tactical” they are not truly that with terrible controls and what seem like pointless and long-winded objectives.

Throughout such missions you have to face a ton of enemy troops which makes completing these missions a task in itself, I actually found these to be the hardest part of the game, including the last mission (which I found to be disappointingly easy).

However the main feature of any FPS is of course the selection of vehicles and weapons available too you with said game, for which Black Ops 2 has a huge selection to choose from, and when I say huge I mean a hell of lot but not nearly as many as a game like Borderlands.

These range within the usual selection including the FAL, SCAR-H,  SPASBarrett, Dragunov, etc.

All of these guns can then be added with a selection of add-ons that allow you to upgrade the guns sights, ammo and even make the reloading quicker as well as reducing the guns recoil.

In terms of vehicles there are a selection available that are actually available to drive and use within the campaign itself, in fact when you start the first mission you are straight into a helicopter mowing down enemy tanks and various troops.

Alongside your gun selection with your mission loadout you can also chose other equipment to take in-game with you including items from grenades, perks and the new wildcards which allow you to add various features such as extra perks or use a primary weapon as your secondary.

As for multiplayer there’s a ton to choose from within that too, as usual with CoD you unlock a new selection within each weapon type as you level up and gain rank throughout the campaign, also like the previous games you can also chose various equipment such as tactical and lethal grenades as well as various perks which can give you extra abilities ranging from extreme conditioning allowing you to run further all the way too

I have not had much time to try out the multiplayer part of this game, but after a far few games I actually prefer the multiplayer within Black Ops 2 too a lot of the previous CoD titles, which is mainly due to the fact that weapons make for  a great experience overall, maps have also been updated quite heavily and now you get various selections ranging from extremely small ones all the way to larger versions.

This means that you can finally use all of those loadouts you have created choosing each one according to the map type itself, this means that players will have to become a more “elite” in using various gun types, which means that newcomers to the title will find it slightly harder to adjust than players who have previously owned a Call of Duty title.

That’s all I can say for multiplayer at the moment as I don’t really want to get into to too much depth on this part of the review, if you want to find out more, Tom our resident gaming editor will be posting his own multiplayer review for the title at some point.

Probably one of the most anticipated features within the title is of course Zombies which has had a major reworking since the last game, the new Zombies now includes three different game modes to choose from including, Tranziit where you have to “fight against  the undead and search for clues to the truth what lies ahead” according to the game itself.

Alongside Tranzit there’s’ also the usual Survival mode which as you can guess pits you out in the map with limited weapons and without the pack-a-punch, basically fighting to stay alive for as many waves as possible.

Tranzit is an extremely well placed mission type for Zombies, however I would have liked to see a bit more story placed within, as currently there’s no back story, or any indication as to why there’s even zombies around or how a bus got there with some weird robot driver.

Overall I did really like Black Ops 2 and found it to be one of the greatest editions that has been added to the Call of Duty series, the sound is excellent, the campaign has a great story, there are Zombies and the multiplayer is just how you would expect it to be, if you haven’t played it yet it’s defiantly worth giving a go, unless your one of those trolls just poking around here to troll at the game some more.

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