Activision appears to be playing mind games with us, as earlier today they released a video named “power_on_v1.wav” which shown a television your gran may have in the loft playing an image which we can’t make out due to the static.

As the video goes on the audio within the video progress, but as of yet were not to sure what all of this means.

[jwplayer mediaid=”16645″]

But then Activision released a second video titled, “attack_03.wav” and we started to see something forming, the second teaser trailer which is only 4 seconds long shows the same TV set with the same image, but with a single sound that sounds a lot like a zombie, or even a terrordactyl, were not too sure at the moment.

So does this mean their will be a Zombies announcement soon? Well it’s probably about time, after all of the various announcements regarding the multiplayer modes, we need some Zombie news.

But as of yet that’s all we have, as soon as we hear more however we will update this post.

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