Earlier today Amazon announced the launch of their latest Alexa-compatible device, the Amazon Echo Show, which is a new Alexa device that has a touchscreen and comes with some new calling and messaging features.

But this won’t be the only one to get the new calling and messaging features.

Amazon also announced that their previously launched Alexa devices will also be getting the new features, as they teased shortly after this announcement.

Amazon confirmed that both the Echo and the Echo Dot will be getting calling and messaging features soon. On these devices, Echo will light up green when you receive a message or call, with the capability to make voice calls to other Amazon users, however, you won’t be able to make a video, as the Echo and Echo Dot don’t have a camera or a screen.

But you won’t only be able to call Echo or Echo Dot devices, you will also be able to take messages and calls from the Alexa app on a smartphone.

You won’t get the Echo Show’s other exclusive feature called “Drop In” either, which allows you to instantly call a family or a friend, which may or may not be an advantage to you.

All of this will be available for free to all Alexa users, however, we don’t know when it will be launched just yet.

We will update you if we do.

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