Since the first day I got my iPhone I started using it as my daily alarm clock, as it’s a great way to get my wake up call and charge my iPhone at the same time, but these can sometimes look a little outdated, which is why I want the dock design pictured above on my desk.

Designed by Robert Bye, who is coincidentally a design student from London. The stand itself can be used both horizontally and vertically, and features a volume knob on the side, with a set of internal speakers behind where your iPhone or iPod Touch  sits.

The only thing about all of this is that it is still just a design, which is currently sitting on his blog, in the hope to raise interest from manufacturers and possible financial backers, which obviously means getting on Kickstarter.

If you like the designs in the images above and below, make sure to head on over to Robert’s Reddit page as well as his blog and show your support, so all of us can get a chance to get our hands on this awesome alarm clock dock.

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Via [Robert Bye’s Blog]

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