If you have been looking for another game to play on your Nintendo Switch, other than The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, then you might be happy to know that another first party title is coming, at least in beta.

That game is Splatoon 2, which will be released in a Testfire beta version later this month.

The beta version will be available in a beta form and available to play online for three data at the end of March but you can get the 410MB download going today, for free.

The preview build will also be playable over a LAN network with up to 10 docked Switch consoles, with 8 playing and two spectators in a Private Battle Spectator Mode.

This will also allow the game to be played at local tournaments.

You can also play eight-player matches wirelessly.

Here are the times that you will be able to play the beta.


Friday 24 March

  • From 7pm GMT

Saturday 25 March

  • From 4am GMT
  • From 12pm GMT
  • From 8pm GMT

Sunday 26 March

  • From 5am BST
  • From 1pm BST
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