If you chose poorly when you first picked your username and have been waiting for the day that you can finally change it then you might be happy to know that the day that you can change it is today.

Previously you would have to either abandon your account or simply stick with a username that you have already been stuck with for some time now.

Today Twitch announced that you can finally change that username.

To do that you should head over to your profile settings on the Twitch site, from where you might notice a new option to edit your username, placed next to your current one.

You will be able to change your username once every 60 days as long as that name change is available, after which Twitch will hold your previously used username for at least six months, however, it will eventually put that back into the list of available names after that period.

Once you have changed your username, Twitch will also change the URL of your Twitch channel page, however, despite them holding the username, they won’t be redirecting old URLs, so you should be sure that this change will be beneficial to you and make sure to change the URL wherever you have placed it.

They also noted that there may be some bugs with Twitch during the testing process, specifically with Twitch stats.

You can read more about the news at the source link below.

Source: Twitch

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