Recently Plex launched live TV streaming for their iOS, Android TV, and Plex web applications that allow you to view live TV from Plex wherever you are.

Today Plex announced that they have brought this support to Android and Apple TV devices, which means that Android mobile users can view and record free-to-air live TV through the Plex application on those devices, however, you will only be able to use it if you subscribe to the Plex Pass service.

Plex Pass costs £3.99 a month, £31.99 a year or a one-off lifetime payment of £94.99.

You can need to hook up a digital tuner and antenna to your Plex server or device, for which there are a number of tuners that have been designed for Windows PCs and even the digital TV tuner that was originally designed for Xbox One.

Plex have listed a few examples of supported devices on its website.

Once you have that set up then you will be able to access Plex Live TV via the in-built electronic programme guide, through which you can record shows and watch TV at your leisure.

Recorded shows will also get the same metadata and poster art integrations as the rest of Plex content does.

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