Some time ago Facebook launched bots for their Facebook Messenger app, since that time many companies and other Facebook users have created their own bots on the platform for a number of integrations (we have our own bot that will send you the latest news, daily, and answer your random tech questions, check it out here.)

The latest to enable one of these bots is Domino’s, who launched a new bot on Facebook in the US today (it was already available in the UK and Ireland), allowing users to order pizzas via the messaging app.

Domino’s say that the bot will allow for “conversational” ordering too, which means that it will be able to respond to any questions you might have whilst you order.

It will also connect to Domino’s database to pull your existing Pizza Profile and allow you to re-order the pizza that you most recently ordered.

You can also configure an Easy Order option through your account to make things even easier.

You can check out the bot today by searching for Domino’s in the Facebook Messenger app.

The bot has been available in the UK and Ireland for some time now, but as of today it will also be available in the US.


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