Users of the London Underground can already use contactless payments via an Oyster Card, and now from today user’s can do it even easier with the Barclaycard bPay.

Transport for London announced the news today, revealing that they will now accept payments from cards and mobile phones uses NFC connectivity, allowing for complete contactless payments on the tube, tram, DLR and London Overground services.

This comes as an addition to the Oyster Card system, which will still work with all the readers on the network.

And for an even easier method, Barclay’s suggest that you should use their Barclaycard bPay system which is basically a strap that you can wear on your wrist and simply tap your wrist to the reader whenever you want to make a payment.

However there is a catch, it is yet to go into full production for all of its customers, and will only be offered to the first 10,000 Londoners at the start.

The band can also be used to pay for items across all of the stores that accept contactless system, and can be linked to any UK Visa or MasterCard debit or credit card and then used to touch and pay for items up to £20.

For this users will not have to pay any fees at all, for the device or for usage.

Source: Bpayband

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