Sometimes ads can get in the way, they often track your data, and sometimes they can be quite annoying, but they are necessary to help us keep our servers running and keep the content flowing.

We like to think that we have kept ads on TechNutty to a minimum, with a maximum of around 3-5 ads on each page, never showing ads that we perceive to be annoying, however, if you want to read our site without the ads we have added another new feature for you.

This is thanks to our new integration with SQWeb’s Multipass, which is a new subscription service that will allow you to access the web, without the ads, with access to premium content on sites that integrate it.

We think Multipass is a pretty good solution as it works with multiple sites and provides us with something that works for both us and you.

You can sign-up with Multipass today by clicking on the “Premium with Multipass” button at the top right of the site and then you just need to follow the instructions that are displayed in the model, after you have signed up, we will receive a cut of your subscription, along with the other sites that you have signed in with Multipass on.

At the moment, this button will on show on the desktop size of the site because we are working on a better way to show this button on mobile, but we will be integrating a mobile button soon.

Let us know what you think of all of this via the comments and emotions below.

Thanks for reading,

The TechNutty Team.

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