For some time now you have had to download a separate version of Chrome in order to test the latest beta or dev version of the web browser.

These channels would allow you to test the new features of Chrome before they are released on stable, however, they meant that you could be confused as to what version you should be using from time to time (a problem that I have had myself).

Today Google announced a change to the Google Chrome browser that will allow developers to test these beta or dev features alongside the stable variant of Chrome.

They explained more with the following:

Starting today, Chrome Beta and Chrome Dev can be installed on the same Windows computer as stable Chrome and run simultaneously, allowing developers to more easily test their site across multiple versions of Chrome. This means side-by-side Chrome installation is available on Windows, Android, and Linux, and will be made available on other platforms in future releases.

Sadly, the new version is only available for Windows users, however, we hope that it will come to Mac and other platforms very soon.


Here’s how to get started with the new side-by-side install:

To install Chrome Beta or Chrome Dev, visit the Chromium release channels page. If you already have Chrome Dev or Beta and wish to run it side-by-side with stable Chrome, you’ll need to uninstall it and then reinstall from this page. To easily transfer your bookmarks, settings, and other data, sign in to Chrome before you uninstall. And if you see something not quite right in Chrome Dev or Beta, please send us feedback.

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