Today the UK mobile carrier EE announced some pretty cool news.

If you are a subscriber to EE then you will soon be able to use your currently applied tariff abroad, for free.

This will start on June 15th, 2017, which is the same day that the EU is scrapping roaming charges from within the European Union, so it’s not exactly out of the kindness of their hearts but it is still cool news anyway.

As part of this, customers on EE’s pay monthly and pay as you go plans will be able to use their tariff from within 47 European countries that include Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Romania, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands, Iceland, Norway, Monaco, Switzerland Jersey and Guernsey.

EE are also offering a similar service in the USA< Canada, Mexico, Australia, and New Zealand, however, that’s only for those who are on the 4GEE plan.

Of course, this all comes after both Three and Tesco Mobile have been offering free tariff use abroad for some time now.

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