The smart security company Canary today announced a new way to watch your security cameras, launching support for the Apple TV and allowing you to watch the camera’s feed on your Apple TV.

This comes with the launch of a new version of the Canary app, which brings support for the Apple TV, allowing you to view live streams from the camera on your television, or watch recordings that have been saved to your timeline.

If you have a single Canary device, the new app will launch in the Dashboard view, from which you can watch the camera’s feed live or access your timeline. If you have multiple devices, you will launch in a Location view to move between the different locations of the cameras.


By clicking on a thumbnail image you can view a specific event and by tapping on the Apple TV menu will bring up a view of a single entry, which you can then bookmark or delete.

There’s also a Related Videos section that will take you to the next or previous event in the timeline from the event that you are watching.

This makes the Canary a lot more useful, allowing you to keep track of your home, without having to pick up your smartphone.

And that’s not all, the new Apple TV app will also come with support for tablets, including the iPad and Android devices, as well as with support for Android Wear.

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