Over the next few years, it is likely a ton of companies will be launching their own cloud management services much like what Cannon has done today with their new Project 1709 image management service.

Cannon say that project 1709 is one that will be able to access all of the images stored on your social networks, within other online services or even on your hard drive or NAS device, these pictures will be displayed in a tiled format and will also list the image’s EXIF data such as the camera model, exposure time, aperture and ISO speed.

These images can also be searched view a tag filtering function, that allows for quick an easy searches without the need to know the actual name of the image itself.

The project will also allow you to upload images to linked social networks and cloud services, at which point the service will search for any duplicates across your library, which it will mark for you to remove.

The service will officially launch in February 2013, but you can sign up for the beta below.

Source: Project 1709

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