Canon have made a selection of camcorder announcements today, starting with the Legia Mini X, which looks a bit more like a projector than a camcorder, however believe me, it is a camcorder. Featuring a flexible screen and a front-mounted camera, microphones and the capability of shooter HD video, the Mini X has been designed for on the go shooting.

Taking a lot from the GoPro, the Mini X has been designed to simply record video, recording sound in a lossless, uncompressed format that allows users to hit record and forget about any extra equipment that may be needed, in fact Canon claims that it’s completely noise free.

In terms of video, the Mini X can shoot in both 1080/25p and 1080/50i modes, with access to an added slow-motion mode and Wi-Fi streaming capabilities, allowing you to monitor what the camcorder is recording from a distance.

The Canon Legria Mini X will be available for £349.

canon legia r56

The second of the three cameras are a bit more traditional, featuring the usual 1080p video recording, they allow you to shoot video like your used to, both with a 57x digital zoom and a 32x optical zoom as well as something called a baby mode, which allows you to categorise videos of a specific child just by registering their faces.

There are some differences however, the first is that the R56 can record in both AVCHD and MP4 at the same time, whilst the R506 cannot, there’s also 8GB of storage and built-in WiFi on the R56 not the R506.

The R56 will be priced at £329 and the R506 will be priced at £239.

canon legia r506

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