Canon has today teased a brand new camera to be released soon.

Called the Canon PowerShot G3 X, the camera is a top-end camera that features a 1-inch sensor for better image quality, alongside a 25x optical zoom lens, allowing it to be closed as a superzoom camera.

To top off that superzoom, the G3 X also has a 24-600mm equivalent zoom that allows for wide-angle and close-up shots all from the some camera.

As of yet however that’s about all of the specs we know as we are waiting for Canon to unveil more about the camera.

We do however have an official image for the camera which does show us that the camera has a mode dial, exposure compensation dial and a front thumbwheel that we presume allows the user to go through settings, all on the top of the camera.

However there’s nothing more than that as of yet.

We should however hear more soon.

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