Canonical the parent company to Ubuntu have today announced that the what used to be PC and TV only OS will soon be making its way to the mobile phone.

The mobile OS which has been developed for a user-friendly mobile experience, will run the same full version of Ubuntu as you would find on your PC or TV (if you have a TV with Ubuntu on that is).

The UI has according the Canonical’s CEO Mark Shuttleworth, been made to be simpler than the mobile OS’s we are used to on smartphones today, called Android some much to complex or even an “overkill”, the Ubuntu mobile OS will apparently be made to work seamlessly with those transitioning from the PC to the Smartphone and will allow users to perform normal everyday tasks quickly and efficiently.

The lockscreen for instance will allow you to unlock to any app you like, with contextual menus, universal search and an already established app store its defiantly something to look out for.

The new OS will also allow you to hook up a keyboard, mouse or even monitor..

Ubuntu mobile OS will be launching on mobile phones later this year, first available a sort of Android substitute  allowing you to use Android whilst on the go and then bring up Chrome when docked for desktop use. After which they will then be launching their own smartphones with select OEMs that up to now have been left undisclosed.

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