It seems there might soon be a new trend with modular tech, with a new company called Tubecore today unveiling their new Duo Speakers which have been designed to allow the user to hack and upgrade them at will, fitted with a Raspberry Pi, the speaker can be modified to work with basically ahy service out there.

“DUO’s onboard computer enables an entire world of media possibilities. With distributions of XBMC, RuneAudio, Volumio and Android available, DUO can stream everything from everywhere. Whether you’re into movies, TV or just love music, DUO has you covered.”

In terms of specs, the Tubecore Duo speakers have a 48v Class A tube Preamp, that will provide a rich bass, warm mid and clear highs according to the company.

Alongside that it has also been designed to model the vintage studio HiFi, designed to play from every source, with wireless and cable connections.

The Tubecore Duo speakers are now available to pre-order for $479 with a pre-order discount of $170 for those who are early enough.

Check it out at the source link.

Source: Tubecore

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