You may have noticed we have been published a lot of news from this year’s Captivate event that took place in Rome last week, but you may not have been able to keep up with it so we have put all of the trailers, details and screens in links for you to click on below, make sure to let us know what you think was the best announcement from the event bellow, as we love to hear from you.

Lost Planet 3 Announcement

Lost Planet 3 Trailer and Details Revealed

Lost Planet 3 Screenshots Released

Resident Evil 6 Announcement

Resident Evil 6 Trailer and Details Revealed

Resident Evil 6 Screenshots Released

Devil May Cry Announcement

DmC Trailer and Details Revealed

Dmc Screenshots Released

Dragon’s Dogma Announcement

Dragon’s Dogma Trailer and Details Revealed

Dragon’s Dogma Screenshots Released

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armour

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armour Trailer and Details Revealed

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armour Screenshots Released

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