This week the BMW Group, Daimler AG, Ford, and Volkswagen announced a new partnership between the manufacturers to launch a network of high-speed charging stations for electric vehicles across Europe, which are set to provide up to 350 kW of power for EV.

That makes it “the highest-powered charging network in Europe” according to the consortium, and almost three times as powerful as Tesla’s Superchargers, which deliver up to 120 kW hour.

They say that they plan to kick off construction for this new network in 2017, with plans to launch around 400 sites in that year, they also plan to expand that further by 2020 to have thousands of charging points in the network.

These chargers will also use the Combined Charging System technology, which a number of EV manufacturers already use, aside from Tesla, who currently use their own standard for their Superchargers, however, they do plan to release an adapter for these CCS stations.

It’s exciting news for the electric vehicle industry and shows new confidence in the manufacturer of these type of vehicles and shows continued development.

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