There’s a graph for this.

So for some time now the crew from Cards Against Humanity have been crowdfunding a number of products, some useful, some not so useful.

This week they have decided to literally through money down a hole, launching a crowdfunding campaign that they have dubbed “Holiday Hole”.

Simply put, the project is to dig a hole, that’s it. For every $5 that someone backs they will dig for an extra 2 seconds (you can also back more for more time) into a nondescript patch of land, and they will be live streaming the whole affair on YouTube, which you can watch below.

[alert type=blue ]Update: They have finished digging the hole, reaching a massive total of $100,573 for the project.[/alert]

Now this is clearly a joke, probably pointed towards the fact that many people like to throw their money around on Black Friday, however, it is pretty much a metaphor for the crowdfunding industry as a whole, which has been known the supply the launch site for many, many terrible projects.

Whatever it is, it’s an interesting idea and we would love to find out what you think about it, so please sound off in the reactions or comments below.

You can also find out more at the source link.

Source: Holiday Hole

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