In some pretty interesting news, the electronics chain, Dixons and the mobile phone store, Carphone Warehouse have today announced that they have struck a £3.8bn merger deal earlier today.

This new merger will allow the two to enter a new 50/50 partnership where they will be creating a new firm called Dixons Warehouse (I know not every imaginative, but it sort of works if you squint).

The merger is also said to save both of the companies £80 million per year, and according to Carphone Warehouse it will also create a number of new job opportunities, with an increase of approximately 4 per cent”.

Despite this, there will be some current staff who will lose their jobs in the merger, with around 2 per cent of the workforce to be cut as a result of the rationalisation of certain operational and support functions”.

Dixons Chief executive Sebastian James also said that: “Together we can create a seamless experience for our customers that will enable technology to deliver what it promises – that is, to make their lives better. This is a very rare thing, a merger which is based on what is happening out in the world, rather than internal navel-gazing”.

Currently Dixons operate more than 500 Currys and PC World stores in the UK and Carphone Warehouse run over 2000 of their own.

Via: BBC

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