Carphone Warehouse has today announced that the Asus Padfone 2 will be available from there stores in the UK this week.

Packing both a 4.7 inch Android smartphone and a 10 inch tablet, the Padfone 2 can be one or the other at any time, just dock the smartphone in the back of the tablet dock and you have a tablet.

Retailing at £599, the Padfone 2 will also only need a single tarriff, which means you won’t have to pay more for tablet use whilst on the go, just pay for the phones tarriff, and you will have internet access whether the Padfone is docked or not.

READ: Asus announce the Padfone 2.

Carphone Warehouse are already taking orders for the hybrid, available from free on 24 month tariffs set at £33 a month.

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