When you buy a phone as expensive as the Sony Xperia Z, it’s probably wise to pick up a case, and there’s really only one manufacture that comes to mind during that process and that is Case-Mate who have been making a great set of cases for a long time now.

So naturally, whilst reviewing the Sony Xperia Z, we teamed up with MobileFun to see how well there Barely There case fits that bill.

XperiaZ Product Shot2

Upon first opening the box you won’t find much apart from the case and the packaging itself, due to the fact this case doesn’t really need any instructions. Installation is extremely easy, just snap the case onto the sides of the phone and you’re good to go, I would recommend you snap it onto the volume rocker side first however.

XperiaZ Product Shot1

After snapping on the case you will find a nice sleek look to this case that really fits with the design of the Xperia Z itself.

Cuts outs have been made for all the slots and holes around the handset including the camera/flash, secondary mic, microUSB left-side flap, power button, volume rocker, loudspeaker and the lanyard hook on the right side.


The name Barely There really does hint at the size this case adds to the phone, which is only a small amount, which is easy to hold and feels smooth to hold. On the side of the phone, you will also find the Case-Mate logo on the side, which joins the second CM logo on the back.

We reviewed the case in white, but it’s also available in both black and pink from the MobileFun site, priced at £14.99. You can also find various other cases for the Xperia Z also on the MobileFun website.

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