Before Christmas we were sent an iPhone 5 case from Case-Mate to review, which was perfect timing as I was about to get a new iPhone 5 for Christmas. I have never really been a big fan of iPhone cases as I love the feel of an iPhone, the glass of the iPhone and the aluminium of the new iPhone 5, and as such putting a case which would get rid of this feel didn’t appeal to me. You can get so many cases for phones nowadays that it may be hard to choose between them, many people go for the aesthetically side alone when it comes to their decision, often ignoring the technical side in place of their phone looking nice. Many cases feeling clumpy and bulky in the pocket or hand which defeats the purpose of an iPhone to be sleek and light to hold. With the Case-Mate Brushed Aluminium case you will not have to worry about any of these problems.

Case_Mate iPhone

The case looks really nice whilst serving its purpose of protecting your precious phone. The brushed aluminium model of the case looks excellent and feels great to the touch as well, which I was pleased about as I wouldn’t lose the nice feel of my iPhone in my hand. The silver border works great with the brushed aluminium effect and they look great together giving a modern and trendy look to the case. The hard shell sides and front of the case are made of solid plastic which look sleek and shiny around your phone, the front sticks out just enough to stop damage to the phone when dropped without extruding too much over the screen.

The case comes in two parts which pop together to form the hard shell around your phone. Inside the back piece of the case is an interior inlay which adds additional support and protection to your phone which I thought was a nice touch. The case is sleek and is only increases the size of the phone by a minimal amount, keeping with the theme of sleek and modern. I have had the phone in the case since Christmas and it goes with me everywhere, I do not plan to drop it to test its protection but from the bumps and knocks it has whilst in the pocket it has faired well, the only damage coming in the form of small scratches on the brushed aluminium, which you can only expect from it coming in and out of your pocket/bag all day.

My only problem with the case is the cover at the bottom and top of the phone, they are raised a bit too high and as such make it difficult to easily lock and unlock the phone, causing me to have to change the way I do this function. The bottom is the same and I found it difficult to plug my headphones (SkullCandy’s) into the headphone port with the material at the bottom of the case sticking out, casing me to have to push the headphone in really far to actually be able to hear my music. These are only minor problem but it was a pain when I started using the case.

Apart from this small problem the case is excellent, it provides the protection you desire from a phone case whilst looking sleek and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. It provides just enough extra material to the phone that it can protect it without being clumpy and changing the feel/weight of the phone. I would highly recommend this case to those of you who have just got yourself a brand new iPhone 5 and want to keep it well protected this winter!

The minimalistic design of the Barely There makes it a great addition for any Apple design guru, and its extremely cheap to priced at around £25, available in various colours check it out here.

MyTrendyPhone did supply us this product for review purposes, you can buy the case for yourself from there website, where they also supply various casescovers and accessories for the iPhone 5.

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