When you take an Instagram photo that’s all it is, the photo stays hidden away on the internet but what if you could bring those photos back to life? Casetagram allows you to do just that allowing you to place your filtered or non-filtered instagram photos on an iPad 2 or the new iPad, your iPhone 4 or 4S and now the Samsung Galaxy S III.

The best part is how easy it is to do, to start of all you need to do is log-n with your normal Instagram username and password, after which the site will grab all of your photos allowing you to place them on the case of your choice.

One you have logged in you can go onto the cool bit and design your first case, where you will be greeted with a  brilliant and easy to use interface which allows you edit your photos whilst placing them on the design.

The first step to doing this is choosing your product for which as we mentioned before you have a few options, after you’ve done that you can choose the color you would like you’re case to be, which ranges from black, white and transparent.

After that you can choose a layout as the how you want your photos to be placed, this is where most of the options come in as you have between 2 and 8 designs to choose from depending on your product, for example if you were to choose The Grid layout you will get a 5 x 7 grid where you can place photos in equally spaced boxes, whereas The Mondrien layout gives you 13 differently spaced boxes to place them.

Once you have a layout the next step is to simply drag and drop your images where you want them, this can be done in any pattern you want and images can be resized, moved or even deleted after they have been placed, if you don’t fancy all the work you can select random and the site will just fill the case with images from your account.

And if the filters aren’t enough for you, you can even add a grayscale to your images to add a little extra effect, then you just save the design and wait for it to arrive.

As you may know we send a lot of our review products to Neil from GeekwithGlasses for him to create his video review on and this was no different, in his review Neil mentioned the case was extremely lightweight with a good tactile rubber feel to the case, making it really nice to hold.

Alongside that the cut outs have been made with precision accuracy with no over shot on the camera which is always good, the images on the back have also been printed really well as you will see from the video below the case looks really good.

A couple of things I would have liked to see is firstly more options for layout when chosing the case design, I would have also like to see more effects to apply to singular images, just in case you wanted to one day.

But that’s all really, check out Neil’s video review below for more reviewing goodness.

[jwplayer config=”TN-Tech” mediaid=”10384″]

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