Probably one of the most exciting announcements at CES 2016 so far is a new Bluetooth Router called the Cassia Hub, developed by Casia Networks, it is said to extend the range of Bluetooth connectivity by more than 30 times, to over 1,000 feet.

What’s more, it will also allow users to connect 20 or more devices to it, and control all of their Bluetooth devices via a companion mobile application inside and outside of the home.

To do this, the Cassia Hub uses Bluetooth 4.0.

Felix Zhao, founder and CEO of Cassia Networks explains more :

We developed the Cassia Hub because we noticed there wasn’t a universal standard of communication between the ever-growing pile of Internet connected devices. Bluetooth, with its open platform and universal presence, was an obvious solution but inherently limited by its capabilities. We thought if we could engineer a way to break free of these limitations, Bluetoothcould become a viable contender, and thus the Cassia Hub was born.

The device is available to pre-order today and is expected to be released over the next few months.

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