Channel4 has today announced that they will be the first UK broadcaster to launch a second screen companion app to be used alongside their programming.

Dubbed 4Now, the app will launch on iOS, allowing you to access extra content whilst watching a TV programme across Channel 4’s list of channels, this will include programme information, social activity and interactive content such as polls, votes and quizzes.

They also plan to use this alongside gameshows, as well as a platform to work with advertising, Keith Underwood, director of strategy & technology at Channel 4 said the following about the technology:

“Channel 4 has a long history of delivering innovative new technology projects. As a centralised product destination, 4Now allows us to enhance our relationship with viewers and enables us to offer them a range of interactive, synchronised experiences for shows which may not have warranted a standalone application. Additionally, it enables us to drive further commercial opportunities for our advertising partners.”

The app will first launch in a beta phase for registered users, which will begin to roll out in July for iOS, after which it will launch in full later this year.

Other operating systems may also receive the app at a later date.

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