A new mobile network has today been unveiled, called ChatSim it is capable of providing unlimited messages on your messaging applications on your phone or tablet worldwide.

This is all for a small yearly fee of just £8, and it will work in a range of countries around the world.

You will also need to pay a one-off payment of £8 for the actual SIM card, which can then be used in any phone or SIM-enabled tablet, after which it will connect to a local operator, which works with 250 operators from around countries.

These countries include the US, UK, Australia and more.

Currently, it will provide you with access to apps that includes WhatsApp, BBM, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, WeChar, QQi, Line, Hike and Kakao, with more promised to be added over time.

With these services you can send any text message or emoji as part of the yearly fee however, you can buy extra credits to access more services like voice calls and photo and video sending.

This will be priced at just £8 for 2,000 credits, which they say will cover up to 200 photos, 40 videos, or 80 minutes of voice calls through a compatible app.

£20 will get you 5,000 credits and £40 will get you 10,000 credits.

You can find out more about it at the source link below.

Source: ChatSim

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