Todd Hamilton (a user interface designer) has today published new iWatch concept that looks pretty darn awesome, based on the concept that was created by the designer, Thomas Bogner last year, the concept shows a new user interface that will twist along the face of the watch itself, apparently making it easier and more ergonomic to use in real life.

“A few months ago Thomas Bogner posted an iWatch mockup on Dribbble that looked like a marriage between a Nike Fuelband and an iPhone. It was an impressive concept that got a lot of people excited including myself. However, it had a major flaw: the orientation of the interface made it impossible to use.” Todd Hamiltion said about the design.

“I had some free time over the holidays so I decided to take a stab at the problem and create a more user friendly concept. I wanted to retain a slim form factor like the Fuelband and incorporate familiar UI components from iOS 7. It needed to feel natural on the wrist and look like something Apple would actually produce.”

Check out the video for Todd’s design below, also hit up the links for some more information.

Source: Todd Hamilton : Thomas Bogner

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