Microsoft has this week released the first trailer for the upcoming Gears of War 4 game.

Set to be launched on October 11th, 2016. Gears of War 4 will expand the story of Gears of War further, set 25 years after the Imulsion Countermeasure weapon destroyed the Locust, lambent and Imulsion, Gears of War 4 will still remain to be Gears of War, but will follow a new storyline.

Following the aftermath of the Lambent Epidemic, the reformed Coalition of Governments estimated that hundreds of thousands of humans are left on Sera. To prevent the population from declining, cities that are walled in were built to protect the citizens from the dangers outside. However the COG also declared martial law, preventing any travel from outside of the cities walls. Some human survivors rejected the viewpoints of the COG and formed a group called the “Outsiders” that live outside of the COG jurisdiction, conducting raids on COG territory to gather resources.

Check out that new trailer below for a quick look.

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