Microsoft’s new Xbox One Experience update will be released on November 12th, but before that time Microsoft wants to walk you through the new Windows 10 update before it hits your console.

They are doing this through video, releasing not one but two videos to show off new details about the update.

The first of the two features both Larry Hryb and Richard Irving looking at the new home screen, which will allow users to easily scroll down sections of their most recently used games and apps, as well as their Pinned items at the bottom of the home screen, and of course on the left there is that brand new multitasking pane.

In the second video we get a look at the new Guide, which has been revamped for the Xbox One to offer similar features to what it did on the 360 but in a new easier to use method with a ton of new features, simple go to the left to bring it up from the homescreen or double tap the Xbox button in-game.

This new pane will allow you to quickly see your friends, party, messages, notifications and even a range of apps just from one pane.

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