There’s something deeply satisfying about taking apart tech to see what’s inside. It’s something that all of us tech nuts have done at some point but probably regretted deeply shortly after.

Thankfully, there is a way you can feed your dismantling addiction, without actually taking apart that expensive camera or the new smartphone you just got. That new way is Channel 4’s new show called ‘Reverse Engineers’.

In the show, Jamie Laing from Made in Chelsea, Rachel Riley from Countdown (and many other Channel 4 programmes), and Alex Brooker from The Last Leg are tasked with reverse engineering a piece of future technology and changing it to be something that could be used in the real-world.

Channel 4 explained more about it with the following:

Opening a mystery box, they are tasked to figure out what new innovation in energy they have in front of them, and then to devise their own convincing real-world use for it.

It all starts with one box.

One of the most recent episodes in this series is ‘People Power’, during which the three Reverse Engineers have been given a strange piece if energy technology to take apart and create a new purpose for. This technology has been called Paved gen, which is a solar powered tile that can provide power to a section of land, and in the future whole cities.

The Reverse Engineers used it to create a set of stairs that would light up as you walk upon them, however, they have also already been used in massive installations around the world, including a recent installation at a football pitch to power the flood lights on the pitch.

Check it out below.

You can also watch more episodes from the Reverse Engineers on Channel 4’s website.

Disclosure: This article is a sponsored post.

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