Over the last few months NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has been beaming images back to earth of Saturn’s rings, but it is only today that we have seen some of the best close up images, showing off not a number of Saturn’s dozens of moons, but also Saturn’s rings in a view we have never seen before.

One of the best looking images is one of Prometheus, pictured above, it just might be Cassini’s masterpiece, showing not only the moon in great amounts of detail, but also capturing Saturn’s F ring in the background.

NASA say that Cassini snapped this image at a distance of 23,000 miles with a view toward the anti-side of Promethus, drying its flyby on December 6th.

During this same flyby Cassini also captured views of more of Saturn’s moons and rings, including Empimethus which was captured around 22,000 miles away.

We also got a look at Atlas, which orbits the Roche Division region, between Saturn’s A and F rings, and finally we got an crescent look at the moon, Tethys with a region of Saturn seen on the left of the image.

You can find out more about all of these images at the source link below.

Source: NASA

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