A company called Rukkus has this week unveiled a new technology that will change the way you view events, called Rukkus Seat 360, it will allow you to view your seat in full 360 before you purchase a ticket.

This is done via the companion application, which allows users to view panoramic 360 views of their seat right from their device, without having to enter the actual arena.

Manick Bhan, CEO/CTO of Rukkus explains :

This immersive, virtual reality functionality is the single biggest innovation in the ticket buying space since the first seat map was introduced. Standard seat view photos or renderings are a step in the right direction, but still leave much to the imagination. An interactive panorama tells the whole story and Seat360 utilizes virtual reality in a practical way, giving customers the opportunity to experience their seat before they buy.

Rukkus has already partnered with a number of stadiums that host NBA, NHL, NFL, and MLB games, as well as for a number of concert venues.

You will also be able to use paperless mobile entry from your smartphone for these events, and share tickets with your friends easily.

The app will also take advantage of Apple’s 3D Touch technology, with compatibility with the iPhone 6S, 6S+ and the iPad. It will also be fully compatible with Google Cardboard.

You can read more about the Rukkus Seat360 app at the source link below.

Source: Rukkus

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