Have you ever thought about playing a game whilst you take a bathroom break, if you have a smartphone you probably already have, but what happens when you go out to a bar and you’re using a urinal, there is no way you game here as most like you are drunk and will end up dropping your nice new phone.

So what do you do exactly? Well, Captive Media say they have the solution to this problem and have built some very high-tech urinals which will let the user play various games whilst they pee and guess what the controller is you may be right it is your pee, amazing right?

The system is fitted with a 12-inch display at the top which will show you how you’re doing, and below it is a urinal that uses sensors to detect the direction of your pee, and you can even play over a WiFi connection and link up with other people peeing at the same time as you.

If you are now thinking you want to use one, you may have to travel quite a way as only 5 urinals are set to be fit in The Exhibit bar in South London, this will be a trail to see how people use them and feel about them, after which if everything goes smoothly you could be playing you favourite urinal games in every bar across the UK.

Check out this video that explains the new urinal a bit better:


What do you think about this? Would you want to use one?

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What do you think of the urinals?

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