At this month’s CES, Cherry unveiled their own keyboard to use their set of switches.

Called the Cherry MX Board Silent, they have designed it to have quieter mechanical switches that provide you with that great feel of a mechanical switch but without the great sound that you would normally expect from a mechanical keyboard.

This is particularly interesting for situations in which a mechanical keyboard might be annoying, such as in an office or for people who record videos.

The board uses its own Cherry MX Silent switches, which use a mix of rubber pads and its own switch stem to reduce the noise on the down and upward stroke. You can choice between either a Cherry MX Red Silent or a Black Silent switch.

There required forces are 45 and 60 centinewtons, respectively.

On top of that, the board also features 14-key N-key rollover, which allows you to press more keys at the same time.

However, there are no macro switches and the design is very simple.

The Cherry MX Board Silent will be available for $150 when it launches, sadly, we don’t know what that release date is just yet.

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