Sometimes you might find the websites just load too damn slow on your mobile, and handling these slow mobile internet speeds can be hard to handle sometimes, especially when all you want to do is read an article, or check the latest deals on the web.

Google has a new feature in its Chrome for Android app to help solve this, included in its new Data Saver mode, the new feature will only load text content when Chrome detects a slow network.

Once the page finishes loading you are then able to show all images with single button press, or load specific ones by tapping them individually. A trick which Google says will use up to 70 per cent less mobile data.

Google also hopes that its quick-loading “AWP” mobile pages will help with this too, however that will be designed for the general community, for those in developing countries like India or Indonesia Data Saver will offer more benefits.

You can find out more at the source link below.

Source: Google

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