Today a user on Reddit discovered a new feature within the latest Chrome OS Canary build, which he said now includes an experimental night mode.

According to the user, this mode has been named Night Light and will set the screen with a yellow tint that will cut down the amount of blue light that your Chrome OS machine produces, helping you to sleep, or simply making it easier on your eyes during late night sessions.

Of course, this is a Canary build.

That means that you will need to switch to that build for your version of Chrome, which means you will need to be comfortable with the command line.

And then you have all the possible bugs on top of that.

If you would prefer to sit this one out for a little bit then that’s fine, it should make it’s way to the normal version of Chrome OS soon.

That said, Google has not revealed a release date for this feature just yet so blue light might be a problem for you for a little longer.

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