Google has released Chrome version 56 to the beta channel with support to hit stable in about a week, it will bring support to natively playback the FLAC audio codec right from the browser.

This is a feature that has been requested for some time now, but Google only started work on the support in September 2016, with the release kicking off this month alongside the release of Firefox 51, which will also get the feature later this month.

This is particularly great for Mac users as that OS does not natively support FLAC, however, Windows 10 does.

Of course, there are also many third-party apps to get this support elsewhere.

In Chrome 56 you will be able to playback FLAC audio by clicking on a FLAC file, Chrome will then open up the file in a basic audio player that shows album art and track information as well as playback controls.

It’s an interesting addition that a few people should be happy about.

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