Currently the Chromecast is only available in the US, but that is about to change as we have now received confirmation from Google that the Chromecast will soon be available for purchase in the UK.

Making the UK the first market to get the Google Chromecast outside te US to get the device.

According to the confirmation it will be available from March 1st.

This news comes after Google released their Chromecast SDK to developers earlier this week, allowing members to start creating new apps for the system, meaning that we should start seeing some cool stuff for the device over the next few months.

As of yet there’s no news on the apps which will be available in the UK at launch, but taking the US as an example, you can expect some from Google Play Movies an Music, Netflix and probably the BBC, ITV and Channel 4.

At launch the Chromecast will be available from Currys and PC World, no price has been announced yet however.

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