Some time ago a new gadget called Circle launched on Kickstarter, but sadly failed to reach its $250,000 funding goal, well it turns out that wasn’t so sad after-all.

This comes after the company announced that they have partnered with Disney to bring Circle to life, granting parents a new device that allows them to control their kids internet access, all from a small cube shaped box.

This will all be controlled via an accompanying app which can be used to limit the number of hours a particular child can spend on their tablet or phone, as well as monitor when apps and content their children are accessing on their devices.

You can even block your house’s WiFi connection, and individual devices.

Circle for Disney is available now for $99, available with the MyCircle app that will come with Disney videos and music.

Check out the video below for a quick look, and the source link for even more information.

Source: Circle

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