Today the developers of the city simulation game, Paradox, Cities: Skylines will be making its console debut on the Xbox One of April 21st.

This comes after the game was already launched and played by many on the PC, Mac, and Linux versions of the game.

But with the Xbox One release, you will be able to do all of that from the comfort of your sofa with a controller.

The Xbox One version will also come with the game’s first expansion, After Dark as standard.

This brought new transportation options, nightlife, tourist attractions, and city services to the game.

Sadly, the Snowfall and Natural Disasters DLC expansions won’t be available at launch, and we haven’t heard anything about the upcoming Mass Transit DLC just yet.

You can pre-order the Xbox One version of Cities Skylines this week for £35 in the UK or $40 in the US, but before you do, check out the video below for a quick look.


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