A soon as you get a new tablet, the first thing you think of is this could use a keyboard, but so far this hasn’t really happened with the various smartphones out there. Clambook has set out to change that however with their new sort-of case for your iPhone, which turns your iPhone into a complete laptop solution.

The laptop case features an aluminum shell to mimic the same design you get with a MacBook Air, which it looks incredibly alike too, with an Apple style full keyboard as well as it’s thinness (if that’s a word.) Alongside that the case also features a widescreen display with 3D Cinema Sound which makes it perfect for watching videos and listening to your music.

But the device will only work with your iPhone or Android device, and won’t work until you have plugged one in through the MHL cable, and basically acts as a second screen for your phone, displaying apps, games and various other media.

Alongside all of that the Clamcase will support Ice Cream Sandwich phones, and as said before the IPhone, and will allow you to scroll, pitch and zoom with two fingers on its trackpad, the only problem it’s not going to hit your doorstop till this holiday season for an unknown price, but you can sign up to the sites newsletter and grab yourself some early infomation.

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Via [Clamcase]

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