EA or Electronic Arts has today announced that it will be shutting down its studio, Maxis Emeryville, which is the studio behind both The Sims and the SimCity franchises.

That said EA have stated that development will continue at EA’s studios in the US and Australia, so don’t get worried yet.

Basically EA will consolidate Maxis by closing its home offices in Emeryville, California, but still keeping the studio alive, allowing them to continue their development of both The Sims and SimCity.

However they won’t be keeping any of the staff from the Emeryville offices on after the closure, but will be given the opportunity to look for other positions throughout EA, but as of yet we don’t know how many of the employees will be terminated and how many will be free to “explore” other positions.

EA has said that they create the “best possible transition” for them with separation packages however.

EA also said that these changes will not impact their plans for The Sims, stating that we can expect to see more experiences in The Sims 4 when its first expansion pack launches soon.

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