The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) for the UK has today announced that it will be tackling fake online reviews, which have generally been used by companies to give a false opinion about a product or service.

These are especially dangerous on services like Amazon, where customers will use the reviews of others to decide if their money is best spent on that product or service.

The CMA has today announced that they are taking a big step in tackling this, issuing a crackdown on the UK marketing company, Total SEO & Marketing LTD.

The CMA found that Total SEO had posted over 800 fake reviews between 2014 and 2015, all on behalf of 86 small businesses around 26 different websites.

The businesses they worked with included a number of car dealers, mechanics, landscape gardeners and other tradespeople.

The CMA has forced the company to remove the fake reviews it has already posted on these websites, however, they have escaped a financial penalty, and bad press from the CMA.

However, under the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 companies who have been found guilty of posting fake reviews can, in some cases, receive a fine or see its directors given a prison sentence.

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