When it comes to Christmas there are a couple of TV adverts you expect to see such as the Pringle’s, John Lewis and Toysrus ads, but there’s one that I personally wait for, the Coca Cola, Holiday’s are coming ad, I’m not really sure why that ad makes Christmas but for some reason it defiantly does.

The problem?

It seems that this year that particular ad won’t be playing as the ad agency, McCann Madrid has taken over their Christmas Campaign with a new ad they explained with the following statement, “In a year like this one, we wanted to highlight the elements of Christmas that are even more magical and relevant than the traditional ones.”

Which actually confused me, what is a year like this one? and what are magical Christmas elements exactly  as I’m not sure I see too many within the ad, does that mean they just made some stuff up?

Check it out above and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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