For some time now, Quantum Computing has been a wonder to anyone interested in high-performance computing, but reserved to select companies who can make one.

However, if you have a spare $15 million and have enough space to fit a 10-foot-tall computer then you might be happy to known that the Candian company, D-Wave is now shipping their own quantum computer unit called the D-Wave 2000Q.

The 2000Q features a chip that is roughly the size of a thumbnail, however, that chip requires a lot of cooling and shielding, specifically at -459.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

As such the 700 ft3 is mostly full of cryogenic refrigerators and shielding.

But with this, you will gain the ability to perform high-requiring computations that you wouldn’t be able to do according to the company through something called “quantum annealing”, however, some have claimed that this won’t be the case.

Either way, you’ll need to drop $15 million to give it a try.

There is a subscription service available, however, we very much doubt this will be something for the masses. The first customer was the security firm Temporal Defense Systems who aim to use it to solve cyber security problems.

You can find out more about it at the source link below.

Source: D-Wave

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