Coin has today announced a new version of its electronic card offering called Coin 2.0, granting anyone who owns the first generation of Coin a free upgrade to Coin 2.0, and anybody who doesn’t the ability to pre-order one.

In 2.0 Coin has added NFC technology in an “Early Access Mode”, this allows users to pay for products wirelessly at a number of retailers, however until partnerships to enable EMV compatibility are finalised it will not be available at all locations, which is why it is only available in an early access mode.

Once launched it will work in a similar way to Apple Pay and Android Pay.

Coin 2.0 will also include the ability to give your payment cards a 4-character nickname, with an improved electronic stripe, a display that is said to be two-times faster than the previous Coin, and a design that is 8 per cent thinner than the previous coin.

Coin 2.0 will also get access to a software update that will bring EMV capabilities and other features in the future.

To upgrade your Coin 1.0 to a Coin 2.0 you need to head to the settings menu on the Coin companion app and follow the steps.

If you didn’t buy a Coin 1.0 then you can pre-order the Coin 2.0 device now from Coin’s website here.

Check out the video below for a quick look.

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